Is there a limit to the number of cars I can have on my profile?

Yes, each FanPark Driver profile can have up to THREE (3) cars listed.

How early in advance can I look for parking?

This depends on the Parking Provider. Some Parking Providers market their spaces on the FanPark marketplace months in advance, others weeks, or some even days in advance.

What is the cancelation policy for reservations?

Reservations cancelled before NOON, two (2) days before the event are fully refunded. Reservations cancelled after NOON, two (2) days before the event are non-refundable.

How does my payment get processed?

FanPark utilizes Stripe, a secure third-party payment gateway to process your payment for the your chosen FanPark parking space. Please know FanPark does not retain your credit card number nor your bank account information.

How much does it cost to make a reservation within the FanPark app?

Creating a FanPark Driver profile and searching for a parking space is completely FREE! You simply pay the advertised price for a parking space in the Lot you want to park in.

What happens when I show up at my chosen parking lot?

You and the Lot Attendant will have matching Confirmation Codes on your phone, within the FanPark app. You simply match your Confirmation Code with the Confirmation Code on the Lot Attendant’s phone and he will direct you to a reserved parking space.


What happens if FanPark drivers don’t reserve all the spaces I advertised on the FanPark marketplace?

Once you set the total number of Available Parking Spaces, those spaces can be bought through in-app purchases, card transactions using a BBPOS Chipper 2X, or cash.

How do I accept card payments?

FanPark will supply you with a BBPOS Chipper 2X- a Bluetooth enabled card reader that will let you accept all forms of card payments, if you would like.

Can FanPark Drivers cancel reservations? Will I see a decrease in my Stripe account?

FanPark Drivers can ONLY cancel a reservation before NOON two (2) days before the event to receive a Full Refund. If FanPark Drivers cancel a reservation after NOON, two (2) days before the event, you receive the same amount of money as if they had parked in your lot under this reservation.

How much does it cost to create a Stripe account?

Creating a Stripe account is FREE. To participate in FanPark, the Parking Provider needs a Stripe account. Please know FanPark does NOT have access to your bank account information, nor does FanPark retain any banking information from Drivers or Parking Providers.

How much does it cost to market my spaces on the FanPark app?

This is FREE too! There is NO RISK to you to participate in the FanPark marketplace. Advertise as many of your parking spaces in the marketplace. If these spaces don’t sell, you lose nothing by advertising your lots with FanPark.